Pultrall leader

On the composite materials market, whether for specific pultrusion profile needs or
for durable solutions to replace other materials (wood, metal, etc.).

Pultrall is a solid company that has been involved in its community since 1987, in addition to being an important economic player in Thetford Mines. Pultrusion, a manufacturing process that is still relatively unknown, is at the center of Pultrall’s activities. It’s essentially the process of making continuous lengths of reinforced plastic profiles with high unidirectional strength by pulling continuous strands of resin-impregnated reinforcing material through a heated die.

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Belonging to the Pultrall family means being proud to contribute to the success of an internationally renowned Quebec-based company.

Manoeuvre de Production
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L’entreprise PULTRALL INC. se spécialise dans la fabrication de pièces en matériaux composites grâce au procédé de pultrusion pour les marchés de la construction, du transport, de l’électricité et du récréatif. L’entreprise cherche à combler certains postes de manoeuvre à la production. Fonctions principales: Surveiller et alimenter les équipements durant la production; Vérifier les pièces […]

To ensure the success of our customers and partners, we provide the efficiency of a high-performance and adaptive manufacturing team delivering a wide range of corrosion-resistant composite reinforcement for concrete infrastructure at the best price.

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