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in the composite materials market.

Our mission:

With passion, develop, manufacture and bring to market specific composite profiles using the pultrusion process in an innovative, competitive and profitable way whilst working at our clients, employees and suppliers success, all in an environment friendly way.

For the success of our customers and partners, suggest the effectiveness of an effective and scalable manufacturing team for delivery with best prices for a wide range of corrosion resistant reinforcing composite for infrastructures, guaranteeing a dedicated service and the consistency of its superior quality supported by a proven and recognized technical expertise.

Our vision:

To be THE REFERENCE in pultrusion by assuring our customers success using unique, durable, strong and flexible composite profiles.

Creativity  |  Commitment  |  Integrity values we are proud of!
10/12/2011 National Bank SME AWARDS

Pultrall is one of the Winners of the 2011 edition for the Québec - Chaudière-Appalaches and Est du Québec regions: Bronze Winner in the Category « SME » (sales between 5 and 40 millions $)

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During the ADRIQ (Industrial Research Association of Quebec) Gala, Pultrall received an Innovation Award in the Technological Partnership category which highlights the outstanding contributions and accomplishments of companies and research partners.

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On November 10th 2010, Professor Brahim Benmokrane, from the Université de Sherbrooke, and Pultrall were presented the Synergy Award for Innovation by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

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About the company

PULTRALL INC. was founded on August 7th, 1987 by two shareholders, Fernand Bernard and Christian Bernard.

Originally established in a 7500 square feet space building situated at 275 Monfette Street North in Thetford Mines, this organization specializes in the manufacturing of parts made of composite materials, like for instance, the ISOROD bars to replace steel reinforcement in concrete, snowmobile rubber track stiffeners and all sorts of other profiles used in a wide variety of applications.

Pultrall - Thetford Mines Pultrall's building as it can be seen today.

Beginning of 1995, PULTRALL INC’s management proceeded with the purchase of a second pultrusion machine, more powerful, in order to develop other parts and therefore conquer the composite market with innovative products.

During that same year, Mr. Christian Bernard acquired the majority of the shares of Pultrall Inc. The organization moved in early 1996 to a more spacious environment, 15 000 square feet of production and office space at 1191 Huppé Street, still in Thetford Mines. In March of that same year, ADS Composites Group acquired 60% of the Pultrall shares as they continued the efforts already deployed in tackling the composite industry market, with the addition of this new technology to their portfolio, the pultrusion.

After a few years of sharing the ownership, ADS Composites Group buys out Mr. Christian Bernard and becomes an integral part of the companies owned by ADS Inc. In that very same period, for fiscal considerations, all of ADS Composite Group entities are grouped under a single banner. Between January 2000 and 2004, Pultrall’s business almost triples from 2M$ worth of sales per year to 5.6M$.

Early 2004, ADS Inc. decides to concentrate their business efforts towards their Technical Textiles division, thus initiating the sale of all its Composite Group assets, among which Pultrall.

May 2005, Pultrall is purchased by a private group within the Drouin family, with Paul at its head. To date, the major shareholders of the company are Bernard Drouin, Marc-André Drouin and Bertrand Aubert.

So, with this, Pultrall becomes again a private organization and keeps being involved in the manufacturing of composite materials using the pultrusion process for the construction, transportation, utility and recreational markets while promoting more than ever its proprietary product called V•RODTM. Thanks to this technology, for the most part, Pultrall was able to double its sales since 2005.