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in the composite materials market.

Business sectors:
Environment and agriculture


  • Integral Insulation
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Rigid
  • Low Maintenance
  • Impact Resistant
  • Can be coloured in the mass
  • Easy to paint or stain if needed
  • Impervious to Elements
  • Will not rot
For more information... See the following documents.
ISO 9001
TS 16949
How are our products used
in the environment and agriculture industry?
Tooling / Handles and Poles

Fiberglass tool handles and telescopic poles, originally designed for industrial products, are now widely used and accepted.

Offering a better life duration than wood and being lighter weight than their metallic counterparts, this material is also non electrically conductive and can be coloured during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for paint.

Tooling: Fiberglass Handles and Poles
Post and stakes

Whether you need to support a fruit tree, vines or any other kind of plant, pultrusion products are the ultimate solution.

Their electromagnetic neutrality also makes them an ideal alternative to wood for electric fencing.

Post and stakes for farmers